Make up tips for Summer

Summer is a season that is characterized by sweat and stickiness. Hence, it is advisable to use cosmetics that are non-greasy and oil-free. Extra time and attention is demanded for surprising everyone with a glowing fresh look, confidently bearing the scorching heat and the merciless heat waves on the skin, hair and health. Hence, to combat these undeserving punishments, one must undertake appropriate treatments and use relevant products that will not only bring freshness to your face, but also preserve the inherent beauty from getting destroyed.

You may use panstick foundation that reduces chances of producing patchiness and blotchiness. It is essential to keep compact powder every time in your purse as it needs to be applied at regular intervals to give a fresh, dewy look to the face. Application of powder reduces the moisture build up in the skin that later on leads to friction.

Powder absorbs sweat and as such powder based products must be used. Since sweating leads to loss of minerals it becomes necessary to control it for hygiene purposes and for that unmistakably fresh radiant look.

Pastel shades of blush ons and eye shadows can be used for highlighting the cheeks and the eyes. These light colours give a soothing appearance.

A water proof mascara can be used to give life to your lashes. Cream eye shadow would be best suitable in this season. It also has the attribute of staying longer. Pastel shades and glossy lipsticks are the most popular in this season.

Only light and water-based make-up will last in the heat, and make sure the products are water-proof too. Do not overdo your face as too much of make-up will mean a lot of problems like smudging, dripping, etc. Even if you have to touch up frequently, it is still better. Apply pastel shades on face and nails, unless the occasion demands.

Body odour is another major concern of the summer season. It happens due to the smell of bacteria that grows on the body. Such bacteria witness a growth in their number, especially in the presence of sweat.

Here are a few effective body odour cure home remedies:

— To overcome the problem of unpleasant body odour, use an antibacterial soap or deodorant soap while bathing.

— Wear cotton clothes that soak sweat.

— Avoid consuming refined foods; hydrogenated oils and other processed foods. Eat healthy food that contains loads of fibre, whole grains, wheat, soy products and green leafy veggies.

— To combat the unpleasant armpit odour apply cider vinegar. It serves as the best body odour home remedy treatment.

— Drink 8 – 10 glasses of water. Avoid hot drink consumption.

— Shower regularly, if possible two times a day. It is very important that you bathe after working out or playing any sport.

— The underarms tend to accumulate more sweat so removing the hair from that area can help prevent body odour.

— Change socks and undergarments daily. Clothing made of cotton and linen are more permeable and they are able to soak in sweat better than other fabrics.

— Deodorants do help to mask body odour.

Step out into the sun and look bright as the sun itself. Spare out some extra time and attention this summer to get that flawless look that will make you distinct from the rest of the sweaty dull faces. A step taken right now will prove to be worth millions in the long run of beauty and health.

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  1. i have combination type of skin. i need a night cream that would help me regarding wrinkles and blemishes. my age is 40 years. presently i am using shamoist and shalife.

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